The Best Comedy specials on Netflix Right Now (2019)

After years of neglect, there has been a major expansion of stand-up comedy recently, which is why this category features hundreds of titles. Even those new to the delights of startup won’t be pressed for choice. This article talks about some of the best comedy specials on Netflix in 2019.

Dave Chappelle, The Age of Spin

When looking through the list of Netflix comedy specials,  Dave Chappelle is hard to miss. He debuted four comedy specials on Netflix in just a year. The Age of Spin and Deep in the Heart of Texas, which were his first two, are great by all accounts. Critics regard Spin as one of his best comedy offerings in recent years. If you have a thing for controversy, look no farther than Chappelle!

Jim Jefferies, Bare

Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies is a veteran of comedy, but he didn’t become really popular until after the San Bernardino shooting. This is mainly due to the comedy special Bare, which premiered on Netflix in 2014. Jeffries talks a lot about guns and gun control in the United States, and how Australia responded differently to a mass shooting (on the island of Tasmania). After this shooting, the Australian government passed very strict gun laws, and there haven’t been any such tragedies there since. The US, of course, isn’t doing this, so the mass shootings continue.

Jefferies makes a lot of jokes about the hypocritical moral conundrum in the US, and there are plenty of people who get them.

Hasan Minhaj, Homecoming King

Hasan Minjaj of the Daily Show uses the comedy show Homecoming King to tell the hilarious story of his life as a son of Indian-American immigrants. He shares how he was hoping his dad would take him to the toy store for his birthday, but the latter took him to Home Depot instead.

John Mulaney, Kid Gorgeous at Radio City

John Mulaney, known for his self-effacing humor, loves emphasizing the blatantly weird norms of society, but now he’s doing it on a bigger scale, proportional to his old Hollywood vibe. In this new comedy show, Mulaney mocks pretty much everything, including church, aging, school assemblies, and manners, and his trademark good-humored charm is reflected throughout it all. He even manages to get at the subject of politics with horse comparisons, refusing to name the orange-haired butt of his jokes. By the way, Mulaney won an Emmy for this show.

Keep smiling and enjoy the shows! There are lots more where these came from!